India@75 an initiative of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has its genesis in the vision of Late Prof C K Prahalad, who in 2007 presented it to the Indian diaspora at New York and shared the concept of India@75 as a means of realizing the dream of an inclusive, sustainable and developed India by the year 2022, when it completes 75 years of Independence.


Volunteerism was identified as the main channel of connect and volunteers as the foot soldiers for achieving the audacious vision objectives of India@75. Hence, a major initiative in the form of National Volunteering Grid (NVG) was embarked upon to provide a credible platform for various types of volunteers like individuals, organizations, communities and corporates to participate, collaborate and deliver.


India@75 in one of its studies assessed the Pro bono potential of India to be about USD 10 Bn by the year 2022. Hence, it is one of the most high impact and focused programme of NVG. The initiative through its well-crafted models of engagement, aims to leverage core competencies of the professionals of corporate India, so that their skills can be harnessed for the capacity building of Non- Profit Organizations (NPOs) on specific areas so as to improve their internal capacity and organizational functioning and enable them to scale up with higher efficiencies.


Pro Bono being a relatively new concept in India; hence CII / India@75 is currently endeavouring to introduce its concept to Voluntary Organizations (VOs). In this regard India@75 with support from Infosys has already created - a Web Portal that brings together non-profits on the demand side needing skilled volunteers and corporate organizations on the supply side with access to these professionals to  help non-profits to enhance their social impact.


CII/ India@75 is in the execution phase of the Pro bono initiative and is popularizing it by

  • Organizing city wise workshops to sensitize NGOs about pro bono and facilitate the process of translating their needs into project format for exact interpretation by the corporate volunteers
  • Leveraging technology for wider reach by creating virtual BPOs comprising Pro bono resources from IT companies. Thus creating a 24x7 helpline for handholding the NGOs in the process of registering their projects

India@75 recently organized Pro bono Project Design Workshops in Bengaluru, New Delhi, Mumbai and Pune in April 2015. Workshops focused on articulating the Pro bono concept, introducing the web portal, and addressing the potential challenges that Non-Profits may face in understanding skill based projects and enlisting them on the Pro bono web portal. The workshops also provided an opportunity to NGOs and corporate representatives, to engage in a fruitful discussions and building relationships; thus moving away from the archaic giver and taker equation between the corporates and NPOs. CII/ India@75 members from the local city were also invited to speak and motivate the gathering.


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